Profile of a Color Timer the “old school” of Color Correction

Profile of a Color Timer the “old school” of Color Correction

Hazeltine Color Timing Machine

One of the followers of CGC and old school Timer (no pun intended) Terry Chiappe
shares with us his experience of his career as a Color Timer. Don’t know what a
Color Timer is? Then this is a good read for you!

Terry’s email:

I am 68 now and I started my career in 1968 at Fotokem Film lab, at the time I
was an apprentice and I learned everything to do with a motion picture film lab.

The owner Gerry Brodersen and I got a long very well and he taught me everything he could.

By 1969 I was a “Color Timer” of motion picture film, the color timer came from
still photo labs where they timed the film in under the printer light.

At this time we did the same thing by running film thought the printer at certain speed
and adding filter packs in front of the printer light to change color.

We could change density from scene to scene but could not change color.

In 1969 Bell and Howell came out with an additive printer that could change color
and density scene to scene at 180 feet per minute.

Some time in the early 70′s a color timing machine called the Hazeltine was used in all the labs.

Here is a good article about a color timer:

The Art the Timer – Don Ciana Technicolor Color Timer

I left Fotokem in 1970 to start my own business and only did color timing part time for some
of the labs around Hollywood.

I am an editor for the last 35 years editing film, video and now digital and I have used all
the color grading software and have run a telecine machine on one of my projects so color timing
has been very handy.

I do like the FCP X built in color grading and intend to use it on all my upcoming projects.

Terry Chiappe

Thank you Terry for sharing your experience. What I find interested is that Terry has been able
adapt to the changing filmmaking technology from Color Timing film to to using FCP X.

Denver Riddle


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Hi terry iam from india i started my career in past 1 month as a trainee in di department, so i want to become a colorist, dis is my passion, so plz suggest to me about tutorials or books about color grading.thank you

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