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Want to achieve an elegant classic film look?

With classyLook you can imitate various classic film dye emulsions!

The missing ingredient to achieving this feat is actually manipulating the density of the different colors in the shot. With classyLook it’s now possible to change the various densities in the red, green and blue channels though an RGB matrix. In other words it’s possible to duplicate 3 strip processes and various other film emulsions from the 60′s on through the 90′s. More than just a filter effect laid over top of your footage, you’ll be amazed by how classyLook digs deep into the colors of the shot to produce pleasing vintage like tones and colors.


Key Features

  • Individual adjustments for the color density in the red, green and blue channels
  • Luma controls to adjust tonal curve to achieve condensed blacks as well as Log like gamma
  • Basic color temperature controls
  • Add 2.35:1 Letterboxing
  • B&W feature
  • Add customizable vignette


Individual color density controls

Individual controls for red, green and blue allow you to adjust the density in each channel. This not only allows you to adjust the colors to fit with different genres but also the tonal response allowing for deeper greens, bluer skies and muted lovely skin tones. Depending on the combinations you use will allows you to duplicate any genre that suits your fancy.

Luma curves to adjust tonal curve

Let’s face it, getting the contrast and tonal curve is most of the battle. Convenient luma controls allow you compress the dynamic range in the shadows and higlights giving them “milky blacks” to “milky grey” appearance characteristic of vintage film. Concerned about losing the detail? Well not to worry, classyLook has also been designed to restore rich detail in the shadows through a Log like function.

Add 2.35:1 Letterboxing

Add a 2.35:1 letterbox (cropping used) to get the look associated with anamorphic film. You also don’t need to worry about tilt positioning as the offset control allows you to adjust the video frame up or down for proper framing.

Basic color temperature controls

Warm up or cool down the shot with an easy color temperature slider. Then fine tune it with the tint control allowing you to add or subtract, green or magenta.

Add a customizable vignette

Let’s face it vignettes are cool! With this feature you can add a vignette to add depth and style to your imagery. The features are customizable to taste.

What people are saying about classyLook:

“Not being a professional DP or film-edittor, let alone colorist, you depend on software and a bit of creativity. For me the combination of FCPX and the Classylooks plug in are great, intuitive and easy to work on. Classylooks gives me a great tool to get some really classy colors into your DSLR video footage. And not just that. Somehow the shadows and highlights remain intact and can even be easily controlled. And that’s a real accomplishment for such a light piece of software. Fast rendering, fast results, no hassle within the controls and happy clients. Classylooks is a great investment, you’ll definitely make it back!” christoph van der bij, Holland

What are you waiting for?

classyLook plugin offers a clean classy look to your footage. If you’ve been seeking out this kind of grading, look no further than the easy to use, groundbreaking classyLook! Finally a turnkey plugin that delivers the Holy Grail characteristics of vintage film. Achieve the classic look, wow your clients, be the envy of your peers and if you’re not completely satisfied with the results I will give you a FULL REFUND, you heard right, a FULL REFUND if you’re not impressed with the results! The only thing I suggest is to be sure to watch the “how to” tutorial to get the proper results that you’re looking for.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

I will do my very best to ensure that you are satisfied with my products and if for whatever reason you are still not happy with your purchase I offer a 7 day money back guarantee. I’m available by phone or email if you need me.


classyLook for FCP X

Achieve an elegant classic film look!

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