Products: FCP X Color Grading Tutorials (Download)

FCP X Color Grading Tutorials (15 Tutorials)

Download to your Computer or iPad

You can of course watch my FREE FCP X Color Grading Tutorial series on Color Grading Central and I welcome you to. If you are interested in having them on your computer, iPad, heck or even your AppleTV, I’ve made them available for download! Learn to color grade like a pro with this complete color grading series.


  • 15 FCP X Color Grading Tutorials
  • iPad, iPhone4, AppleTV compatible
  • Available for instant download
  • BONUS Color Grading Tutorial

15 FCP X Color Grading Tutorials

  1. What is Color Grading?
  2. Order of Operation Workflow
  3. Interface
  4. Scopes
  5. Setting Exposure
  6. Setting Dynamic Range or Contrast
  7. Color Balancing
  8. Shot-to-Shot Matching
  9. Looks: Mood
  10. Looks: Time of Day
  11. Looks: Contextual (location)
  12. Looks: Popular Looks
  13. Looks: Stylized Looks
  14. Secondary/Isolation: Clean-up
  15. Secondary/Isolation: Focusing

iPad, iPhone4, AppleTV compatible

Compatible h.264 quicktime (.mov) format compressed specifically for your iPad 1&2, iPhone4, AppleTV. Just download and sync via iTunes.

Available for instant download

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FCP X Color Grading Tutorials (15 Tutorials)

Download to your Computer or iPad

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