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Luster Grade Presets (25 Pack)

Professional grading presets for Magic Bullet Looks 2!

Add that “sexy” illusive look to your footage. I share with you some of the most sought after looks from Indie film to mainstream Hollywood. Add a stylized vintage look or a mainstream Hollywood pop look!

Coming up with stylized grades is one of the biggest challenges of being a Colorist. Top colorists in the world don’t build custom looks for every project, they pull looks from a library of looks they have amassed over their career and give a little tweak here and little there and that’s it! That’s smart grading!

Not many colorists are willing to share their secret recipes but I share with you my personal library of my go to custom looks to get you crack ‘lackin on highly stylized grading.

Download your 3 FREE Luster Grade SAMPLES if you haven’t already!


  • 25 custom stylized presets
  • Windows/MAC Support
  • Cross editor compatible
  • Presets are cutomizable to suit taste!

25 Custom Stylized Looks

Easy to install

Installing is easy! Just simply unzip and run the convenient pkg installer for MAC and msi for Windows!

Cross editor compatible

You’ve either decided to stick to FCP 7 for the time being, hold out for FCP X support or entirely jump ship to Adobe’s line of products. Well I’ve got you covered. The beauty of Magic Bullet Look presets is they work in all apps that can run Magic Bullet Looks 2!!!

Presets are customizable to suit taste

So listen, top Colorists in the world use their own set of custom created presets. But of course each preset isn’t always 100% suitable for every shot. So with the Luster Grade Presets you can customize them and make them fit your style and taste.

Available for instant download

Well what are you waiting for? After secure purchase you will be redirected to a page where you can download the Luster Grade Presets (25 Pack). Plus an email will be sent to you with the download links.


“The Luster Grade Presets are a huge addition to our post-production & finishing workflow. We give our clients several options for the look, feel & mood on their projects in minutes.” Timothy Ryan

“Having them as effects to preview and then presets to fine tune is really cool. Thanks!” Big Ben Vimeo User

Satisfaction Guaranteed

I will do my very best to ensure that you are satisfied with my products and if for whatever reason you are still not happy with your purchase I offer a 7 day money back guarantee. I’m available by phone or email if you need me.

Luster Grade Presets (25 Pack)

Professional Grading Presets for Magic Bullet Looks 2!

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