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Chances are if you are reading this you want to know more about Color Grading Central and how it can help you to be AMAZING at color grading.  Firstly let me introduce myself. 

My name is Denver Riddle and NO I’m not from or conceived in Denver, Colorado (I’ll tell you the story behind my name if you really want to know).  I’m a right brain person, I love creativity, I also love challenging myself with analytical problems, I think you do too and that's part of the reason why you are here.  Color grading resonates with me because it’s the perfect blend of art and machinery; striking a balance between the creative and the technical.

I admit I’m not the most artistic Rembrandt and I’m also not the most technical Wernher von Braun, but I am a working colorist, a visionary and I have a passion for sharing what I've learned about color grading with others.  I have experience working on feature films, grading national commercials and developing grading tools for some of the most well known fortune 500 companies.  If you use Instagram chances are you've already experienced my creativity without even knowing it, i.e. I created the video filters in the Instagram app. 

Back when I first started in 2007 a Google search of the words "colorist" and "color grading"  only returned "how to color hair (stylist)" and "how to grade comic books or diamonds" (if you've ever bought an engagement ring you know about the 5 "C's").  But none of these results were obviously helpful and so it was very difficult to learn color grading back then.

Fast forward to today there is a whole plethora of information on the net about color grading video and while it's easier to find information there is a lot more noise.  Here at CGC we aim to help you cut through the all the noise and be AMAZING at color grading with timely tutorials, products and solutions that are relevant.  We've helped tens of thousands of individuals to be amazing at color grading and we can help you. 

By clicking the "Start Here" you'll be starting your journey with me as your guide!

Denver Riddle
Colorist/CGC Founder


If you have any questions at all please free to email me anytime.

Email: denver (at) colorgradingcentral.com

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