What is Cinema Grade?

It started with aN OBSESSION 10 years ago…

10 years ago I wanted to be a successful filmmaker and work on big projects I could feel passionate about and made a difference in the world.

But there I was stuck, nobody would hire me and my images sucked. I wondered to myself, “How can I stand out ? Why are the grading tools so hard to learn? Why can’t I just reach in and touch the images and grade them directly?”

That dream is now a reality…


Cinema Grade is a modern NEW color grading plugin built from the ground up. It runs along side Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve & FCPX and allows users for the first time to reach in and touch their images and grade them directly in your viewer. Kind of like painting or sketching.

Problems like matching clips and applying looks to multiple clips in one pass has also been solved with a native workflow built into the app that guides users every step of the way so users can easily and naturally be using the SAME insider secret workflow used by top colorists from around the world. No other application does this. Period “.”

There are also 60 built-in presets inspired by Hollywood films AND users can browse your library of LUTs as real-time previews for the first time ever!

Cinema Grade works with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018, DaVinci Resolve 15 and Final Cut Pro X 10.4 on Mac by utilizing a plugin.

There is a FREE trial. So click the ‘See It In Action (Free Demo)’ button below and start seeing a difference in your films today!

Oh yeah and we made a trailer for you highlighting what it can do for you and how it can take your films to the next level :)


What software do you mainly use
for color grading?


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