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DaVinci Resolve 16 Free Online Training

Step into DaVinci Resolve 15 and learn the same proven strategies and techniques Hollywood Colorists use without feeling intimidated, stumbling around or feeling frustrated.  Sign up for our FREE ONLINE and interactivetraining EVENT where I teach you step-by-step how to color correct, match shots and create "looks" on your own without using LUTs or presets by understanding the art and theory of color grading!  Register for your FREE online training EVENT! Register for your FREE online training EVENT!

I will be your guide every step of the way in this DaVinci Resolve Tutorial.   I will help you improve your color grading skills so you can get better clients and better job opportunities with ONE simple webinar.  We will help you develop your own unique look and style so you can 'stand out' from the crowd.  We'll help you better understand the art and color theory of color grading so you can create better "looks" and tell better stories.  You know that DaVinci Resolve is a powerful tool and it can help you achieve the professional level that will provide maximum return on your production.   The best way to start seeing better results today is with my free upcoming training (click button below to see available times).  So what are you waiting for?  Click the link below:


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About DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve Studio is a high end color grading application that is used to correct and enhance the color of film and video. It has been used to color grade more feature films and TV spots than any other system and is considered to be the benchmark or gold standard upon which all systems are measured.

DaVinci dates back to 1984 when the corrector was used in conjunction with a telecine system and only very rudimentary color correction could be performed. Nearly two decades later and lots of groundbreaking development DaVinci Resolve software (the flagship product of DaVinci Systems), is now owned and aggressively furthered in development by Blackmagic Design.

Perhaps the most exciting and revolutionary part is the fact that the system once costing in the hundreds of thousands of dollars is now available for free in the standard version (pick platform, then DaVinci Resolve) from Blackmagic Design (the full license is available for under $1K).


What software do you mainly use
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